JP Financial Planning was founded with one key objective: to bring a new perspective to financial planning and asset management.

After spending the early years of my career managing corporate accounts in a British law firm, I quickly discovered my passion for personal finance.

From this, my attention was drawn towards helping individuals and families in the UK to plan for the future and maximise their financial potential...

 He has demonstrated a great knowledge and interest in the client’s benefits, providing in the easiest and simple way the understanding for people who have never been involved in this kind of business.

Roswall Bethancourt, Engineer

James has designed a comprehensive financial plan for me, my son and my wife, ensuring that they are prepared for the future in the event of life’s unknowns.

Dr. Ahmed Abdelkader, Physician

I met with James and we discussed options of the best way for me to reach my goal of £1,000,000 in 7 years. I have been working with James for over 2 years and meet with him on a monthly basis where we discuss the progress, options for change and plan for the future.
I am on target to meet my goal and have found James very professional, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with.

John Mills, Civil Engineer

Whilst we wanted a secure retirement, we never really had any goals or figures in mind before we met James. He has helped us to understand what it takes to have financial freedom and he put a plan together for us and has made it easy and achievable. He has also helped us guarantee the end result even if we were to fall ill.

Stewart & Suporn Henshall