JP Financial Planning was founded with one key objective: to bring a new perspective to financial planning and asset management.


After spending the early years of my career managing corporate accounts in a British law firm, I quickly discovered my passion for personal finance. From this, my attention was drawn towards helping individuals and families in the

UK to plan for the future and maximise their financial potential.


Having spent the past decade based in the UAE,

I have had the privilege of providing expert financial advice to thousands of clients and families.




The experience and knowledge I have gained throughout my career allows me to:


  • Help clients identify their financial goals and implement strategies to achieve them

  • Demonstrate how clients can reduce the cost of sending a child to university by 40%

  • Provide true financial freedom for clients by helping them build property portfolios

  • Guarantee a salary for 5 years in the event of an illness, disability or death

  • Advise on private banking and wealth management including income / inheritance tax


If you are thinking about the future of your family, dreaming of a comfortable retirement or have your eye on some property as an investment opportunity, there is no better time than now to appoint a financial advisor.

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Life beyond finances...


Although my main goal in life is to help others manage their wealth, I still get to enjoy some of my own hobbies alongside my work.


In my spare time if I’m not travelling or researching the next destination to visit, you’ll most likely find me on the golf course.


A self-confessed foodie, I have a strong appreciation for different cuisines and trying

new dishes.