Every parent wants to give their children the best possible start in life and support them in whichever path they choose to walk.


If you decide to have an influence over your children’s financial future, you’ll firstly need to be clear about which costs you’re willing to cover.


Will you ensure your children have access to high quality education and a good standard of living through their university years? Or is it your wish to give them a helping hand onto the property market by contributing towards their first home? You might even have a wedding look forward to, and therefore want to put some money aside to make their day as special as it can be.

Don’t remember me by the success of my companies, remember me by the success of my children.

Richard Branson

There is nothing more valuable than the love and support of your family, but if you choose to give a little extra and financially prepare your children for a successful future, it will make a huge difference for generations to come.


JP Financial Planning have the capability to:


  • Calculate how much money you will need to support your children through university

  • Advise on cost of living in destinations across the world, including fees, accommodation etc.

  • Demonstrate the best way to achieve the savings required to support your children