In simple words, James has been more as a friend than a financial advisor. Professional, honest, trustworthy, and punctual. Never hesitated when asked him for support me at any time. Thank you, James.

Majd El Zir

Passion, knowledge, and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. James had this and more. His dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets his apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.

Nahla Osman

We have been working with James since we came to Dubai in 2019. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and always available to discuss any questions or concerns we have. We would recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice.

Mairead O’ Sullivan

Our experience with James has exceeded our expectations immeasurably. Not only is he our financial advisor he also has become a friend. When we first joined with him, he gave us options after listening to what we wanted to achieve. He did not push us into anything, simply recommended what would be in our best interests for what we wanted to achieve. We had the choice. He explains things in easy terms for the layman to understand. He gives his time freely to answer any questions and is always in touch regularly ensuring we are happy and receiving the services we asked for or advising if there are any new opportunities, we may be interested in. During the current situation he has shown compassion and is going above and beyond to help his clients to ensure they are looked after not only financially but physically and emotionally. We couldn’t ask for a better person to be taking care of our finances.

Gavin & Jane Cray

I have been using James’s services since 2013. I was introduced to him through a friend of mine that was very happy with his services.


James has helped me to structure my finances. He taught me how to set goals, he has made sure I have enough money set aside for my children’s future, made sure I have enough money for my retirement, he has protected myself and my wife in case we have any illness or death, and lastly he has helped me to buy two investment properties in the UK.


He has exceptional knowledge on all areas of finance and can deliver it in a way that is very simple and straightforward.


I am very grateful to James for all his time, support and care. He is always available to answer any questions and he’s became a very good friend of mine. I have since recommended him to several of my friends that are really happy with him and his results.

Charbel Bader

James have been my financial advisor for 6yrs; in those years, besides being an advisor, he has also become a great friend. His approach towards his clients is tremendous, he goes above and beyond. The response from him and his team is incredible, they are always available and the turn around time is fast.


The way James approaches the clients, or in this case me, is very different to any financial advisor I had before, he understands your needs and your end goal, and makes a curated advice only for you. The method of dealing is what makes him a great financial advisor.


James is a consummate professional and I will never hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Siddharth Krishna

James is a very reliable and trustworthy financial advisor. He is knowledgeable and has worked extensively to develop and implement financial plans to suit me best. James is extremely patient and a good listener. I always feel reassured and confident he always makes the right decision. I have recommended James to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Linda Barreau

I met James back in 2015 and at the time was not really thinking about the future and what I needed to do to have a comfortable retirement. During the first few meetings, James provided me with plenty of insight and recommendations which have helped me hugely in putting some structure in my finances and ensuring adequate planning in place.


James has a wealth of knowledge and breaks down the bureaucracy. I would highly recommend James to everyone in need of some solid plan as well as an approachable person who makes you comfortable to discuss personal finance goals.

Patricia Wong

We had been introduced to James by a previous advisor who worked for a large investment firm. At first we had reservations about working with a smaller firm, however our reservations were short-lived. James Prince has been a model professional, thoroughly knowledgeable about markets and products, and very approachable and personable. He is always communicating in ways that is comfortable for us (WhatsApp messages, emails, and now even videos). His manner is reassuring, his timetable is quite flexible so it suits our working hours, and he will always get back to you when you have questions (even during the recent covid 19 lockdown). We believe strongly that James is the ideal advisor for our investment, insurance, and pension needs.  This is why we have always recommended his services to our friends in the UAE and at home in the UK. And we hope that James continues to take the lead on our investments into the future. If you are looking for a trustworthy, smart, and caring advisor that is not pushy or hard-selling, then this is the right man for the job.

Zahid & Afsana Razzak

James has been conducting my finance for the last 5 years with an excellent record in his recommendations and proposals. James has a great knowledge about business and finance, and he is completely dedicated to seek the best opportunities customized for each of his clients.

James worked closely with me to develop and implement a financial plan fit for my purpose, and he has an exceptional ability to process and synthesize information and make the right decision.

James is also an awesome researcher in conducting market analysis, ensuring he is up to date and informed. Because of this, he is able to take advantage of opportunities and prepare the best investment advice. He has been doing a great job for me, and I do not hesitate to recommend him.

Rafael Celma

James has been conducting my finance for the last 5 years with an excellent record in his recommendations and proposals. James has a great knowledge about business and finance, and he is completely dedicated to seek the best opportunities customized for each of his clients.

James worked closely with me to develop and implement a financial plan fit for my purpose, and he has an exceptional ability to process and synthesize information and make the right decision.

James is also an awesome researcher in conducting market analysis, ensuring he is up to date and informed. Because of this, he is able to take advantage of opportunities and prepare the best investment advice. He has been doing a great job for me, and I do not hesitate to recommend him.

Rafael Celma

I met James 6 years ago when I joined an Aviation Company in UAE. I was looking for financial advice and a friend recommended me James. I could say many things about him but the most important I think is the fact that he’s always been very professional. He knows his clients and he create a nice understanding. He is always clear in his explanations and recommendations; he is reliable and honest.


I think he is very patient, and he always listens to my needs. I’m grateful for his advice as he is helping me and my children with our savings and investments. Every one of us with our own account. I would recommend him as a financial advisor without any doubts.

Enrique Mallah

I have lived in Dubai for 20 plus years, and after a couple of bad experiences with finance companies and loss of funds, I was at a stage I just wanted to pull out and stop everything, then James was recommended to me, he spent time and looked at everything and asked me to give him a chance to rectify everything, I moved everything over to him, he meet me only days after and explained everything I have and what we need to do to make improvements, and he did as promised, improved everything.


He is always reachable, sends reports each month, follows up, he is very professional indeed.


I have recommended James to a few others who have also asked him to handle their plans.


Big thank you to James.

Sarah Lewsey

I met James 3 years ago when I sought financial advice to plan my retirement. Whilst it was difficult for me to open up in the beginning, I do not regret I entrusted James with my assets and liabilities. James is honest, reliable and I would be happy to recommend him. I appreciate all the support that he has extended at a difficult time when we had to revisit my plans and make amendments to suit my requirements.

Haroula Mouzouri

Commercial Manager

Over the years I’ve known James, he has been nothing but enthusiastic, logical and systematic, clear, kind, forward thinking, transparent and genuinely interested in my financial well-bring. I have learnt a lot and appreciated all he has shared and brought to the table. Very grateful for the introduction and I look forward to many years of prosperity!

Tomader Ali

James was never pushy, and he gave us ample time to think and decide on investment options. We are very happy with his services and the investment decisions we made with him.

Tarig Omer


I met with James and we discussed options of the best way for me to reach my goal of £1,000,000 in 7 years. I have been working with James for over 2 years and meet with him on a monthly basis where we discuss the progress, options for change and plan for the future.
I am on target to meet my goal and have found James [to be] very professional, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with.

John Mills

Civil Engineer

I found James [to be] very professional and knowledgeable. It was very easy dealing with him. He just knew exactly what I needed. He explained things very clearly and gave me options that I found simple and easy to digest. It was also very nice and reassuring that James showed great interest in all my financial commitments and investments, linking everything together and advising me accordingly.. I have to add that I met with other financial advisors but what made me choose James is that he was clearly knowledgeable, not pushy at all, has excellent communication skills and a pleasant humble personality

Dr. Khalid Abdul Moniem


James is more than a financial advisor, he is a friend. After several bad experiences with "financial advisors" in the UAE, I have found in James a whole different approach to customer satisfaction and commitment. He is constantly looking into ways to improve the profitability of your schemes and portfolios, always giving you valuable advice based on the actual performance and trends of the market.

Juansimon Arteaga


James has been my financial advisor since February 2012 and I would recommend him to anyone that is seeking financial advice. He is honest, trustworthy and very reliable. If I ever have any questions or issues he comes and sees me in my office. We now play golf together frequently and I would class him as my friend.

Rami Tarazi

Deputy General Manager 

James has been providing financial advice to me and my family since 2012. He is reliable, trustworthy and responsive to my tight schedule James is well experienced, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice.

Hadi Sha


I am absolutely delighted with James' advisory services. It is really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in my needs and preferences. In addition to his hands-on follow-up, what really impresses me about James is his in-depth financial knowledge and his common-sense approach. His professional, ethical and caring demeanor elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend his services whenever possible.

Xavier Rivadulla


I would like to take this opportunity to say that James is by far one of the best financial advisors I have come across. An outstanding individual whom any client can place their trust in based on his knowledge, transparency and expertise.

Saber Sayyed

IT Manager

James proved that besides being a great financial advisor, he is also a good listener who would find for you tailored solutions. The personal approach and outstanding knowledge make James one of a kind in this business area.

Simona Mikulova

HR Manager 

James is an excellent professional who is very committed with his responsibility as a financial advisor. He has demonstrated a great knowledge and interest in the client’s benefits, providing in the easiest and simple way the understanding for people who have never been involved in this kind of business. In addition, James has been an excellent friend sinceI met him more than a year ago. I strongly recommend him. In fact, I recommended him to all my colleagues in the Drilling Division in ADCO and some of them area now James’ clients.

Roswall Bethancourt

Drilling Engineer 

[James] advised us to start some savings for our future and our daughter's education. He also advised me to take out some insurance which I was a little reluctant at first. I am 32 years of age, fit and healthy, but I took his advice because I trust his judgement. Just after 6 months of starting the policy, I was diagnosed with cancer. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I struggled to believe it was all true. Our lives were turned upside down and you never really think any of this will happen to you, but it does. James was amazing, he helped us through the entire process and 11 days later, he gave us a cheque for EUR 250,000. This enabled us to fly immediately to Spain to get the best treatment money can buy with the comfort of my entire family there to support me. This made a huge difference to me through the most difficult time of my life. We would never have been able to get this treatment or pay to have my family present if Idid not have the policy that James set up for me. I was lucky that the cancer was still in its early stages and the treatment was a success. Without James helping me and my family, I'm not sure if I would still be alive today. James is a very thoughtful and considerate person and I am so pleased our friend recommended him. I hope this testimonial will help others to work with James and trust him with his advice.

Daisy Ruiz

Head Teacher

He is very organized in what he does, and as an advisor he has helped me immensely in making some very important positive steps that I’m not sure I would’ve taken if it weren’t for him!

Rajaa Mirgani

University Professor

My wife and I have worked with James for about four years now. I was skeptic at first as we had several poor experiences in the region with other advisors, however, we have developed a close friendship over the years and could not wish for a better financial advisor to have in our corner. James really listens and wants to understand his client’s perspective so he can help detail your investment goals and then develop the most appropriate investment strategy to achieve those goals. He is very open and approachable when discussing our views and does not push any products or programs. He is patient and lets you take as much time as you need to be comfortable in your decisions. Even when life throws you challenges, as it often does, James is there to support and help where he can to keep you on track. James is more than an advisor to our family and is always available as needed. Thanks for everything James!

Craig Kalmbach

Regional Manager

After having some problems and loss of trust in the financial company I was with, I moved all my investments to James. He reorganized my financial chaos and made me feel more secure and I have been with him for almost 5 years.
Me and my wife Rasha have been very impressed with his competence, wise, passion, professionalism and skillful placement of our money.  James regularly gets in touch with us and also visits us several times a year to review our situation and to make suggestions on any improvements he thinks he can make.  He follows up and forwards a very detailed reports explaining the current situation every month. 
We would like to express our thanks for the work he has done for us over the past years and therefore I would happily recommend him to anyone wanting a holistic personalized service.

Mustafa Shakra


In my opinion, a good financial advisor is someone who listens and does not try to ‘sell’ products, ask a client to take unnecessary risk, or become pushy; instead he or she considers your income, costs, personal circumstances, aspirations and then provide objective financial advice and guidance based on high quality products in the market. Having had four financial advisors in my adult life I can say, with honesty, that James is a cut above the rest. James listens, is interested in your family and (not just your financial) well-being and gives great, current and knowledgeable financial advice. In the years that James has supported us our investments have grown and, when recently, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, James was and is caring and supportive. No matter how much or little one can save, advice on having good life insurance cover cannot be underestimated and has been invaluable.

David Hutson


Noon and I were introduced to James by a very close friend. We had just moved from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, started a new job and started a family. We were weary of splurging and spending all our new income in the glitzy and expensive city of Abu Dhabi and, as such, we couldn’t have met James at a more opportune time. It’s been a little less than a year from when we first met, and our journey and experience with managing our finances and spending has actually been an enjoyable one. James is more than someone who helps you save and invest and plan; he is more of a life coach who encourages you to have a healthy relationship with money in the present so that it remains a healthy relationship in the future, regardless of what you envision and what ‘curve balls’ life throws at you. This results in a worry-free relationship with money/finances, so that you can focus on the important things in life; family, friends, personal health, professional growth. We have very detailed plans for a ‘rainy-day’ fund, short-term, intermediate-term and long-term investments plans, and a plan to consolidate parts of those plans into some real estate purchases in the future. More importantly, we have a very solid understanding of our monthly spending so that we can set aside money to help others. James has also reached out during times when we were apprehensive about spending on things and experiences that mattered to us, and he encouraged us to enjoy life and not hold back on buying something that we’d dreamed of or experiencing something unique. It helps that we share a few hobbies/interests, but his focus on making sure that our relationship with money is not a restrictive relationship that is focused on saving and investing (at all costs) has been crucial to living a balanced life. He invests in getting to know what makes his clients tick and what their dreams and aspirations are, and he certainly practices what he preaches.
On a personal level, James has been there to help us at times of need. When my passport and wallet were stolen during a work trip in Europe, he sprung into action without even being asked. He went over and beyond to provide financial and logistical assistance during every step of the way, including asking some of his close friends to meet me and provide me with much-needed cash. He stayed in touch until I made it back home safely. Financial advisors don’t do that. Period. Close friends that are interested in your well-being do, and that is what James has become to us.
We have been unreservedly recommending him to our family and friends of all ages, income levels, and financial aspirations. And we will continue to do so. Life is too short to spend it worrying about to how deal with money.

Hussam Ghalib & Noon Salih


I was first introduced to James in 2014, where we met to discuss my financial well-being. I came to know that I was missing something very important, saving for the future and planning for my family.
I have been occupied with the ever-imminent issues of working day to day life, I have never thought of reassuring stability for my family.
James designed a financial plan for me and my family, ensuring that they are prepared for the future in the event of life’s unknowns.
James has played an integral role in building up my personal financial well-being. He’s always been available to answer questions and make sure that my investments and life insurances are on track with my needs. He has helped me with the below areas.
  • My retirement plan – I want to have $10,000 per month as an income after I retire, and James has shown me how to do this in just 5 years!
  • Education plan for my son. James has shown me how to plan properly for this and save me a lot of money in doing so.
  • He helped me to buy 3 apartments in the UK, which are now rented out with guaranteed rental income.
Knowledge, sincerity and a genuine interest in achieving the best for my family is what makes him a truly professional Financial Adviser. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to James for what he has done for me and I have recommended him to all my friends and family.

Dr Ahmed Hussein

Senior Consultant of Pediatricians 

Suporn and I were introduced to James 6 years ago. We had never worked with a Financial Advisor before, partly because of the poor reputation so many have.

Whilst we wanted a secure retirement, we never really had any goals or figures in mind before we met James. He has helped us to understand what it takes to have financial freedom and he put a plan together for us - and has made it easy and achievable. He has also helped us guarantee the end result even if we were to fall ill.

We are 6 years in to our partnership now, and we have already purchased an investment property in Thailand with our savings, we are on track and really pleased with James’ service.

We meet regularly to review our plans and requirements to make sure everything is progressing as it should and is on track. This is of course extremely helpful and is something not offered or delivered by most advisors.

To anyone considering working with James as your Financial Advisor - we really can’t recommend him enough. He is patient, is an excellent listener and understands what the client needs and wants. He knows what exceptional service is - and demonstrates it continually. We are very happy to say we are in a very different financial position than that of 6 years ago. Thank you, James!

Stewart & Suporn Henshall


I have entrusted James Prince with my finances because after talking and dealing with him I feel that he thoroughly understands the financial needs of myself and my family. He has a great insight and understanding of the current financial system and global markets. I have found him to be very professional and not pushy (unlike all others here in the UAE).
He is always available 24x 7 x 365 to answer any questions and is quick to respond to changes in financial markets and act appropriately. Most importantly his work ethics and modus operandi ensure that he is not the type of Financial Adviser you always want to avoid or dread receiving a phone call from. That pretty much sums up James Prince, probably the best in this business in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Hormazdiar Dastoor

Head of Nephrology

I met James more than a year ago and I must say I consider myself very lucky.
His friendly and open approach together with his kindly manners struck me and that along with his professional behavior convinced me he was the man to handle my business.
I can only thank him for what he has done for me and I always recommend him to anyone who asks me anything in financial matters

Augusto Fader


Dear James. I want to just take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and guidance with regards to my investment. It's a good feeling to have someone i trust managing my affairs. I appreciate all you dedication and efforts that goes into insuring my money is earning and that it's safe. Thank you very much

Dawn Appel


I have been dealing with James over the last year and thanks to him I have a better understanding on how to make my money work for me.
His friendly, and very patient approach combined with his professional behavior convinced me that I found the right person to help take care of my future.
I can only thank him for what he has done for me and I always recommend him to anyone who asks me anything in financial matters.

Zahara Velji

Web Producer

I would certainly recommend James to anyone looking for a financial advisor.  He has always been a sympathetic listener, taking on board my goals, ideas and concerns and reacting in a well-informed manner to manage my funds with diligence.

Roger Sutton

Retired Manager

I have had the pleasure of knowing James on a professional and personal level. His hands-on approach, professional work ethic and knowledge make him a very competent and reliable advisor. James is attentive and keen on addressing any concerns. He truly provides an exceptional service.
I appreciate all the effort James has put into structuring my business plan and highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking financial advice.

Alia Mobayed


I met James about three years ago, on the golf course. From a golfing friendship, it became a financial mentorship. I started to invest through him in Globaleye and it quickly started paying good dividends despite the slow economy.
James has been extremely attentive to my investments and always makes sure that they are being distributed properly. His attention to detail is very comforting to me. He is a super nice guy, who treats everybody with respect and kindness; but above all, he is a great friend.

Friedrich Krispin

Project Manager

Before I met James I had limited knowledge about finance. Thanks to James’s expertise my knowledge of this subject has improved dramatically.
 I feel more comfortable when taking financial decisions and as a result, my quality of life has improved.

Javier Aguirrebena

Business Development Manager

James Prince has been working with me since the start of 2013. He is highly professional, and I am very thankful for his expert advice and guidance with my finances. I have also recommended him to friends and colleagues.

Branislava Jovanovic

Senior Corporate Quality Officer

I have been working with James for the past two years now. From the beginning he has been extremely professional in giving me the best advice possible. When it comes to my own money James is someone I can trust to make rational and smart decisions.
My plan has grown at a high rate due to his advice and the little tweaks he makes every time we meet up.

Jevily Florida

CEO Florida Entertainment

I am happy giving James Prince my highest possible recommendation as a financial adviser. Since working with James I've had great financial success. More importantly, James has proven himself to be a person of integrity that I can always count on when I have a question. He's also a very, very nice guy. In fact, I have been so pleased with James and Globaleye that I've recommended him to many of my friends.

Todd Stuchiner


I have been James' client for one year and all I can say is I'm very happy. James took note of all my requests and then he offered me the best choices based on my actual needs. His dedication, transparency and trustworthiness during this process gave me the confidence to start saving and investing, something I had always been skeptic towards. Moreover, he is really reliable and is constantly following up my account in order to make it more profitable. Which is really crucial for me since I do not handle all the financial terminology and do not possess deep knowledge of the financial markets.
In conclusion, I am highly pleased with James' professionalism and the way he handles my account, he always exceeds my expectations with his services

Nerea Zamorano

Business Development Manager

My wife and I have come to know James through a friend whom happens to be his client. This meeting came at the right time for us hence we were seeking for financial advice then. His approach in presenting his financial advice differs from other financial agents/companies we had screened prior meeting him and Globaleye. His intentions are always to provide a personalized service rather than just selling a product. This is an ability that reassembles his kindness and caring personality further supported by sound legal and financial skillsets. The relationship with James has grown from a mere advisor-to-client into a praised friendship. I would continue to recommend his financial services to colleagues and friends

Leonardo Rojas


I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure to have James dealing with financial matters for me. I feel that I have been well advised and must stress my comfort in fact that the products recommended to me have always been tailored to suit my requirements; I have never felt pressured by James in any way and the investments have been successful.
Aside from the very good professional service that James has provided, I believe that James is a sincere and very likeable person with whom I have the utmost confidence. So much so that I have recommended him to others and would consider him to be close friend who I also socialize with, particularly on the golf course where his skills are as equally outstanding.

Russell Stanley

Commercial Manager

I have worked with James for the last 4 years now and he had a very difficult start with me with regards to my life insurance. We had many discussions and he often had to find again more suitable products to match my changing requirements which we worked out over the period of time and even added new points when the family grew. But James was always listening and patient with me and open for all my changing wishes and I am very happy that he beard with me and after all the whole family should be in good hands. He never tried to sell these products. He explained why which product could be good for me and went often back to clarify questions. I feel now very comfortable with what we finally agreed to.
We meet regularly to review our plans and investments to make sure everything is progressing as it should and is on track. This is of course extremely helpful and is something not offered or delivered by most advisors. Also James is always available to listen to your problems and will try to find quick solutions.
I have found James very professional, trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to deal with. 

Frank Neudoerfer

I have been working with James since 2014 and have found him to be both diligent and a source of excellent financial advice.  He advises me on my pension and my day to day investments and has steered them through some ‘interesting’ ups and downs in the markets and changes in my personal circumstances.
I can recommend James unreservedly.

Gordon Penfold

We have known James for the past 5years. During this time he has assisted us with investing our funds. He also provided key financial advice regarding increasing our savings and planning for our retirement. We trusted James with our accounts and we were not disappointed. He has time and time again proven that he looks after our interests. He always makes himself available to us. We would highly recommend James as a person who will handle all your financial needs professionally.

Charlie Kisson and Sally Suchit-Kisson

James has designed a comprehensive financial plan for me, my son and my wife, ensuring that they are prepared for the future in the event of life’s unknowns.

Dr Ahmed Abdelkader


We switched adviser to James a few years ago from a personal recommendation. It was clear on our initial meeting that he not only understands his clientele, but that he actually cares, is genuine and understands peoples needs.

We believe that James is knowledgeable, professional and very patient. We always have and continually feel that he gives us that little extra personal thought and consideration to make sure that the best advise is given to allow us to meet our targets whilst factoring in our often changing situations. As a result of James’s advise we now have a more clear understanding of the market and the risks involved, as well as clarity on how we can achieve our future goals.

Bernard Hunt and Sofia Odeen